Home Maintenance Tips

1. House maintenance tasks: Monthly

  1. Inspect and change out (if necessary) your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning filters.  
  2. Clean your kitchen sink disposal (if you have one). The best way to do this is via vinegar ice cubes. Put some vinegar in an ice tray, allow to freeze, then run them through the disposal to freshen plus sharpen the blades.   
  3. Clean range hood filters with a degreaser from an auto parts store mixed with hot water.   
  4. Inspect your fire extinguisher(s). And ensure it’s easily accessible, isn’t blocked by anything like a garbage bin, and shows no visible signs of wear and tear.

2. House maintenance tasks: Quarterly

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  1. Test all smoke / carbon dioxide detectors. This is important to ensure the batteries still work and that no corrosion has taken place on the battery terminal.
  2. Run water and flush toilets in unused spaces, especially guest bathrooms that don’t get used very often. This is to prevent grime or any other kind of build up. If you’re worried about wasting water, collect the water from the taps in a bucket and use to flush the other toilets in your home, or to water the garden.

3. House maintenance tasks: Biannually

  1. Test your water heater’s pressure relief valve to help it run more efficiently, plus prevent mineral and corrosion build-up.  
  2. Give your house a PROPER deep clean. Put one Saturday aside every six months and tackle appliances, windows, surfaces that require dusting, etc. This can be a family activity, but is definitely necessary to keep your home in tip-top shape.  
  3. Vacuum your refrigerator coils. As a fridge uses up to 15% of a home’s total power, you want it running as smoothly as possible. And since those coils get dirty over time, you fridge will require more power.

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