What Sets Us Apart?

We preach transparency in Sectional Title Bodies Corporate and Home Owners Associations.  Each client has their own bank account which Trustees can view 24/7.  Those estates or complexes that do not have their own bank account can take advantage of our relationship with Nedbank and obtain their own bank account.

We place the relationships with our clients first and support them with the latest technology.  All trustees have access to our system which runs live 24/7.  This means you have live access to your financial reporting together with your bank account.

Individual owners and residents can log queries via our online portal and Trustees are able to follow the progress of any query at any time.  This means Trustees and committees know what is going on in their complex at any time.

Sectional Title Maintenance budgeting, planning and executing.  We have overseen projects both large and small with various contractors across Gauteng and pass our experience on to our clients.  This ensures that levies are kept reasonable and maintenance is ongoing.  We want our complexes to always look their best and will assist in planning and executing the necessary plan.

Experienced staff with detailed knowledge of the law, finance and operations mean your complex is in the best hands possible